This is Smart Yeti Studios

Website Redesign

The Project

My Role

Art Director & Visual Designer


Sketch & Keynote

About Smart Yeti Studios

Smart Yeti Studios is a small video production studio in Chicago offering marketing videos and photography for small businesses.

The Challenge

In two weeks, redesign the existing website using his previous mockup and content. The owner wanted a home page, portfolio archive and a portfolio details. His requests were to keep it full of negative space, do not change the logo and try to use the existing blue color in the logo.

The Solution

The solution is a responsive organic negative space flow that leads the viewer's eye down the page using a 12 column grid. I wanted to create a balance of intelligence and fun feeling that is conveyed in Smart Yeti's identity.

Responsive design

The Process

Starting out the project began with some competetive analysis to see how other video production studios websites were designed and also other websites that were fun, but sleek. The owner wanted his brand to be 'smart, yet approachable'. A balance between elegant, intelligent, and fun. I then created a couple style tiles in those constraints.

Style Tiles

Final Style Tile

After seeing all my style explorations, the owner liked the directions both clean and sleek, but also the fun flat design. In my final style tile and direction, I wanted to combine both styles that would really speak back to his original branding of 'smart, but approachable'.

Typography & Colors

One of the constraints was to not change Smart Yeti's logo which uses three different fonts. Without littering the design with different fonts, I wanted to connect the logo to the website. I did not use all three logo fonts, but instead tried to find something similar and still fit with the design principles established earlier.


The icons used in the design are my own. I created them in Sketch using shape layers. I chose a monochrome set of colors using the teal from the style's color palette. Keeping up to date, I wanted the camera icons to portray the equipment that Smart Yeti uses, which are DSLR cameras.