The Nourish to Flourish logo

Art Direction and Design

My Role

While on my freelance contract, I was asked to develop a logo for the Appreciative Inquiry School Meals summit. This summit is owned by National Dairy Council and Urban School Food Alliance by working together to convene a national “whole-system-in-the-room” design summit to scale-up excellence in School Meals. Below explains my logo concept and development for this summit and future uses.


After a brief kick-off meeting about the summit and request, I started thinking how to tie school meals, student growth and celebration together. Exploring different text nesting and fonts, I also explored handwritten text and illustrative graphics to give a child-focused direction.

Focused Development

Getting some feedback from my direct manager who is a senior designer and art director, we discussed what ideas were working well and I went back to focus on more development. On the left are a few options I showed at an internal review explaining the illustrated celebration of school meals portrayed through the milk bottle and figure jumping. On the right are the two chosen after internal review and for external clients to choose.

Round 1 Refinement

The external client chose one of the two logos and provided feedback to incorporate an apple to show a more robust school meal. At this time I also had pushed to incorporate color as it gave the design more depth and a better communication of student focus. On the left is a further development of the chosen logo direction with incorporating color. On the right is the second round of presentation for the external client with two options and an alternate secondary mark.

Revisions & Final

After the second round, I received additional revisions before finally getting approved. The final logo incorporates a hand illustrated design protraying a celebration of school meals intended for the growth of students' futures. The stick figure graphic is the main focus and representative of a student's success through better school meals. This figure can be seen as a child jumping in the air, but also as a student sitting at a cafeteria table.