This is Fuel Up To Play 60

Art Direction and Design

My Role

On a freelance contract with Edelman, I am a Jr. Art Director working solely with Fuel Up To Play 60 to develop social media content for brand awareness and recruitment.

Recruitment Facebook Carousel

This Facebook carousel was intended to target potential FUTP 60 students to sign up for the program. Using existing photography, I presented the idea as a story of a kid wondering what it'd be like to be a part of the program, signing up and show three selling points of the program. The ad ran for 7 days in November.

FUTP 60 Web Banners

I was given the assignment to create a few web banner mockups that would be live on Provided a list of copy choices and image assets, I was free to choose and design at least 2 mockups at 300x250px and 728x90px. After some edits, all 3 designs went live and ran from end of October to mid November.

Fantasy School Lunch Week

The intent of this tournament was to increase fan engagement on Facebook and Instagram. This concept started off as a one off Fantasy Lunch Draft as an organic post in September when football was starting up again. I took it a step further by creating a tournament bracket for National School Lunch Week matching up different combinations of lunches. Fans of Fuel Up to Play 60 would vote for their favorite by commenting on each matchup post. Comments were tallied and I created the next rounds of matchups.

  • Draft

  • Round 1 (Mon)

  • Round 1 (Tues)

  • Semi Finals

  • Championship

  • Champion

Social Media Content

In addition to the adove, I followed content calendars for each month developed in collaboration with FUTP 60's social media director, manager, and myself.